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What our Clients Say

Read from leadchamps customers and see how leadchamps helps you.

Never has new customer acquisition been more fun. Already in the first month Leadchamps doubled my Pipeline and we setted up a system which brings us interested prospects on Autopilot. But the most exciting thing is the quality of the Leads, we got instant reply from high value Leads and if we things keep going like this, we urgently need new employees. But that's a luxury problem I can live with well.

İlse WagnerTelenova

We use the Services of for new clients acquisition via social media. The service is a perfect complement to our Sales Assist model at Vesecon. Precisely targeted prospect groups are created with couple of clicks, instant response from decision makers and a well structured campaign helped us achieving an automated Lead Generation Process via Social Media.

Jürgen HahmVesecon helped us automating our Lead Generation on Social Media. We had to pause our first campaign as our pipeline was instantly filled with new prospects. Well , I guess this is called a luxury problem

Andreas BuchingerDatamobile

Our collaboration with Leadchamps helped us to identify new markets in the crypto payment ecosystem also accelerated our international expansion. I would never switch back to another Leadgeneration system or invest tons of money in Ad´s with a one time effect.

Gerald Wirtliqcashnow

Find Your Ideal Prospects

Stop spending tons of time and money in research!Get access to more than 600.000 decision makers worldwide, instantly! LeadChamps is the easiest way to start building data driven target lists. Define your leads search criteria, let us do the rest. Immediate results, delivered.

We use some magic to automatically find and verify prospect’s emailjob titlelocation, etc.


Automate Your Conversations

Communicating through all channels has never been so easy.Define your desired conversation flows once, automate the rest. Never miss a follow up and stay in touch with your prospects automatically.


Stay on top of your Communication

Track and manage your or your teams activities on Social Media. Build funnels for several markets and teams and measure your conversions. Optimize your performance with A/B Testing your messages. Get the most out of your Social Selling Activities!


Sync Everything to Your CRM

Get all data and Leads into your CRM. Messages, Leads, Emails – you name it. It has never been so easy generating leads instantly and syncing them to your CRM.

LedChamps is fully integrated with your existing tools. It’s the perfect tool to feed your existing sales tools.

Get more prospects, faster. Never miss a follow up.

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