Earn Your Clients’ Trust by Building Relationships with Patience

There is a reason why many sales people fail.

Let’s say you are looking to buy a new car. You walk into a showroom to have a look. The salesman walks up to you. Your interaction goes as such: He introduces himself. Next he begins explaining the different car models on display, and then starts to persuade you into buying one right away. But the question is, would you buy a car then and there? Barring an exception 1% of which you are not a part of, you will not buy that car immediately, even if it’s your favourite model. You would want to know more details and features of the car, maybe take it for a spin, check all the paperwork that is required and the insurance it will need. Before you make your final decision, you would also like to check out a few more cars.

That’s how every sale works, regardless of what’s up for sale.

90% of businesses will never buy right away

Unfortunately, despite it being so obvious, many businesses opt to adopt means that generate instant revenue no matter from where or how it comes. What these businesses don’t realise is that by aiming for quick profits, they may be curbing their long-term profits. They may end up earning much less than what a company could have made had it trusted and tried to understand the business more. Customers choose to do business with people they trust and know. And even if customers don’t end up doing business with you immediately, they can surely spread the word and refer you to their clients.

What Separates Contact from Contract

The first few minutes of interaction with a potential client are mostly you introducing yourself. Your clients can only get your name within those few minutes. They will start understanding your business better after they have had the opportunity of being in a longer conversation with you, maybe after a few more calls. It’s only then that they will start trusting you and look forward to building a professional association with you. Such a relationship evolves and develops just like the investment account in a bank. The more time you give it, the more it grows and becomes stronger.

It’s the trust and the relationship you share with your client that helps convert him from being a contact to signing a contract with you, after possibly interacting for weeks or even months. And the good news is that this relationship and value you now share will make you a strong partner of that company. The ball is now in your court. You can now be selective about who you want to work with and develop relationships with.

Ease the Stress

You may indeed have to begin with some short-term prospects that can keep the money flowing for a while. But after that, you need to build a strong foundation with businesses that can be your work partners in the long-term.

Contact Us to Climb the ‘Client’ Ladder

With more than 15 years of industry experience on the table, we have our own database of prospective clients who have been with us for the long-term. We value our relationship with them, just as we intend to do with you. To ease your work, we can help create customised sales solutions that can be automated to reach your target base at fixed intervals.

In other words, we can help unravel strategies that you can use to build long-term, professional relationships and reduce your wait time looking for those ‘right customers’. And trust us, it will be w